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Cooking has always been one of my favorite pastimes. However, for many years, my cooking skills were limited only to those dishes that I was used to eating on a regular basis. A few years ago I decided to expand my horizons and challenged myself to learn a new dish from around the world each week. I am proud to say that I completed that challenge and learned a lot along the way. Today, I have decided to start this blog as a way to not only honor my accomplishment, but to share with the rest of the world everything that I learned about international cuisine.


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My Virtual Trip Around The World


How To Create A Profitable Private Party Business In Your Restaurant

Private parties can bring in big money for restaurants. When you book a large party, you can worry a little bit less about filling all the tables in your establishment for dinner service, and you can enjoy high profit margins on your catering and drink menu. Here are a few ways to boost your profits as you plan your private party business. Price Your Catering Menu Appropriately Pricing the items on your catering menu is one of the most important things you will do as you plan your new private party business.

Consider These BBQ Styles For Your 4Th Of July Celebration

Have a great 4th of July celebration planned and you need to cater for family and guests? Some finger-licking barbecue could be just the thing to set off some culinary fireworks among your audience. Good barbecue comes in all forms, but the following focuses on 5 of the most popular types of barbecue across the country: Memphis Style It's no secret that the land of blues is also the land of great barbecue.

Commercial Broiler Repair: Why These 2 Problems Should Be Left To Professional Technicians

Do-it-yourselfers may be tempted to try and fix malfunctioning or poorly operating broilers on their own, but it's really best to leave those kinds of repairs to professional technicians. One of the most common problems with commercial broilers is a lack of heat, or sometimes no heat at all. The following briefly describes two reasons your broiler might be lacking in the heating department and why it's important to let professionals handle the repair.